What to Ask During Consultation for Your Snap-on-Veneers Smile

January 27, 2022

What to Ask During Consultation for Your Snap-on-Veneers Smile?

At Smoke Rise Dental in Stone Mountain, GA, we're ready for any questions you might have for us. We understand that you need to be comfortable with any dental procedure before undergoing it. That's why anytime we have a patient considering surgery or some other procedure, we go out of our way to inform them fully about all aspects of it. The more you know about any dental procedure, the more comfortable you'll be. You may have heard about Snap-on veneers, and wondered if this is something that could help improve your smile.


What are Snap-on Veneers? 

As you might have guessed, Snap-on veneers are the more casual and comfortable form of traditional veneers. Alternatively porcelain veneers, they cannot be removed by the patient. Snap-on veneers accomplish much the same thing as porcelain veneers, except they can be snapped into place in the mouth, and removed when necessary.

Snap-ons fit right over your existing teeth, and will hide any damaged or discolored teeth. You'll be able to eat and drink with snap-ons in place, but can remove them later for cleaning and sleeping. Keep in mind that if you have porcelain veneers installed, it's an irreversible process. That's because a certain amount of tooth enamel must be removed before installing the veneers. If you were to decide later that you don't like the veneers, you'd be left with exposed tooth enamel to deal with indefinitely.


Questions to ask during consultation 

Even if you've heard about Snap-on smiles, you probably don't know a great deal, and should find out everything you can. When you're having an initial consultation with your dentist, that would be a good time to ask. Your dentist will likely appreciate your questions, because it shows your interest in the process, and how it's going to affect you. Here are some of the questions you should be thinking about:

Can I wear my snap-on smile all the time? - It is theoretically possible, but your dentist will probably not recommend it. That's because it's possible to have the snap-ons become stained and it may even damage the underlying teeth and gums while they're in place. You should definitely take the snap-ons out when sleeping, because they may cause irritation to the existing teeth and gums below. If you want teeth that are permanently straight, and always look white and appealing, it might be better to go with porcelain veneers. 

What do snap-on smiles cost? - Since these are considered a temporary fix, they are not as expensive as traditional porcelain veneers. Snap-on smiles are often used when you need to improve your appearance very quickly, as for an upcoming wedding or event. You can expect to pay somewhere between $1,000 and $3,500 per arch of teeth, either upper or lower. However, you should definitely ask your dentist, because there is a wide range of variability, and your own cost could be more or less. 

Where can I have a snap-on smile installed? - If you live anywhere in the region around Stone Mountain, GA, you should consult with the specialists at Smoke Rise Dental. This will ensure that you get a high-quality dental appliance installed, and that the procedure is done by experts. If you need a fast solution to a poor smile, snap-ons can provide you with the best possible emergency answer.  

Can I buy a snap-on smile online? - No, you cannot. The product is only available through licensed dentists like Dr. Hasson Moeti at Smoke Rise Dental. 

How long does a snap-on smile last? - With proper care, a snap-on smile can last several years. That means you can use it for a short-term solution, or you can keep the device and use it whenever you have social occasions where you want to look your best.  


Contact us 

If you're considering the use of a snap-on smile, it's natural that you would have a number of questions. We are always ready to answer any and all questions at Smoke Rise Dental. We welcome all questions, because we believe that an informed patient is the best kind of patient. Call us today to arrange for an initial consultation, and we can address all your questions and issues at that time. We can also educate you about the snap-on smile process, so you'll be fully informed about what happens during every phase of the process. When you know what to expect, all the uncertainty and dread are removed.

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