Bone Grafting

Restore bone loss for implants.

Bone Grafting, why it may be necessary.

If you have lost jaw bone volume due to deterioration, disease, or oral trauma, your oral health will begin to change. Jaw bone loss also limits the ability to get dental implants placed and can alter the appearance of your jaw. Your bone will not grow back on its own, and if left untreated, will continue to deteriorate. Bone grafting restores lost bone due to gum disease, trauma and missing teeth.

Over time, this can lead to potentially shifting teeth or a sunken-in facial appearance. Dr. Hassan Moeti at Smoke Rise Family, Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry offers patients a solution to bone deterioration with bone grafting. With bone grafting, we are able to restore a damaged or deteriorated jaw line to qualify you for dental implants and preserve your bite.

How bone grafting works.

Bone grafting involves taking a sample of bone tissue from you or a donor source and converting it into sand-like granules. These granules are then packed at the site of bone loss and allowed to heal. Once healed, the bone granules will fuse to your surrounding bone tissue and restore the volume to adequate levels. 

To ensure optimal healing, Dr. Moeti performs most bone grafting procedures using guided tissue regeneration (GTR) techniques. The GTR process involves protecting your bone graft while it heals using a biocompatible mesh. This prevents gum tissue from interfering with the bone graft and allows it to heal to the proper volume.

Advanced sinus lift treatment.

For those who are missing teeth in the upper molar region of the mouth, a special bone grafting technique called the sinus lift is necessary if dental implants are to be placed. Because of the sinus cavity, which resides just above this area of the mouth, there is often minimal bone volume to support dental implants. With a sinus lift, we can access the sinus cavity by going through your jaw and will gently raise the membrane upwards. 

Once the sinus membrane has been raised, Dr. Moeti will place bone granules within the cavity to create adequate jaw bone volume. The sinus lift is an advanced bone grafting procedure that requires special skills and training. Dr. Moeti has extensive experience performing this procedure and will help you restore your jaw bone to the levels necessary for dental implants.