Full Mouth Reconstruction in Stone Mountain, GA

Completely transform your smile

Full mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive series of restorative procedures designed to restore a full set of teeth. The goal of full mouth reconstruction is to bring back full function of the mouth, including the patient’s ability to eat comfortably, talk clearly, and smile with confidence. Each procedure in your full mouth reconstruction treatment plan is selected with this final goal in mind, along with how your smile will look aesthetically once treatment is complete. A full mouth reconstruction in Stone Mountain, GA, is not only a transformation of your smile, but also a transformation in your confidence and overall wellbeing.

Why Choose Smoke Rise Dental for  Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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From Failing to Fully Functional

When performing a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Hassan Moeti considers the function of the mouth as a whole as well as the aesthetics of the smile. He may replace missing teeth, preserve teeth that are damaged or decayed, restore teeth that have old or damaged dental work, and/or improve the alignment or color of teeth. All our full mouth reconstruction treatments begin with a comprehensive assessment of your oral health situation. This allows Dr. Moeti to determine what problems currently exist and create a personalized treatment plan to restore your smile’s function and beauty. Your full mouth reconstruction may take multiple months, but the end result will be a smile that has regained its natural vibrancy and functions comfortably and correctly.
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