Laser Dentistry

State-of-the-Art Laser Dentistry.

As dentistry has evolved and become more advanced, so too have the technologies necessary to provide minimally invasive and effective care. One of the most innovative technologies is the development of laser dentistry. Dr. Hassan Moeti utilizes the BIOLASE laser dentistry protocols to perform many procedures that would otherwise be difficult or more invasive with traditional methods. 

The BIOLASE WaterLase laser is especially effective for treating gum disease and performing soft tissue procedures quickly and painlessly. With laser dentistry, many patients can undergo treatment without anesthesia and get back to their normal routine the very next day.

If you are affected by gum disease , our dental laser can gently remove the infection from the gums and cleanse bacteria without the need for scalpels or sutures and with minimal bleeding.

Moeti uses the BIOLASE laser to clean out any infection developing around the base of a dental implant. This can save failing dental implants  and prevent the need for extensive surgery.

If you suffer from chronic canker sores or other ulcers, laser dentistry is able to effectively dry out the lesion and kill nerve endings, leading to relief of pain and typically a faster healing time.

Laser dentistry can be used to provide frenectomy treatment for tongue- or lip-ties. With the BIOLASE WaterLase laser, we are able to sever the connective tissue to relive you of discomfort without needing scalpels, sutures and with almost no bleeding.

Those who have an infection in their tooth may require a root canal  to cleanse infection. With laser dentistry we are able to cleanse your tooth without painful drills or sharp tools.

Patients who have excessive gum tissue covering their teeth can receive crown lengthening procedures with our dental laser to remove this tissue and expose more of the covered tooth.

Infected gum tissue can be removed with a gingivectomy by evaporating the infected tissues with laser dentistry. The laser gently removes infected gum tissue with no need for scalpels so there is minimal bleeding.

Our dental laser can help us identify cavities that may not be easily seen with the naked eye. Additionally, we can remove bacteria and infection to treat the cavity without needing to use drills.

When you need dental bonding to correct cracks or chips in your teeth, laser dentistry allows us to harden the bonding material quickly and provide a natural look.

With this non-surgical gum disease treatment, we use special instruments to rid the root surfaces of plaque, tartar and bacterial accumulation. The goal of scaling and root planing is to provide a smooth root surface to which gum tissue can reattach, reduce pocket depths and improve gum health.

BIOLASE WaterLase™ technology can eliminate bacteria and an infection from beneath the gum line. This advanced gum disease treatment also stimulates the body’s natural healing response and encourages regeneration of bone in the jaw.

This traditional approach to gum disease treatment addresses areas of infection deep below the gum line. Dr. Moeti gently retracts the gums in affected areas, gaining open access to remove plaque and tartar deposits as well as smooth defects in the bone caused by bacterial toxins. Gum tissues are then sutured in place to begin the healing phase of care.

The key to maintaining a healthy mouth following gum disease treatment, periodontal maintenance programs include thorough cleanings, exams and management of bacteria. Periodontal maintenance visits occur every three to four months and replace regular hygiene cleanings. We may alternate these visits with regular cleanings when your gum disease treatment is complete.