Soft Tissue Recontouring Stone Mountain, GA

Soft Tissue Recontouring - Stone Mountain, GA

Soft Tissue Recontouring Balances Beauty and Health

Reshaping Gums to Complement the Whole Face

A beautiful, symmetrical smile is in part a balance between the teeth and gums. If too much soft tissue is present, crowding over the front surface of the teeth, the smile can appear shortened and uneven. This overgrowth of soft tissue not only takes away from the aesthetics of the smile but can cause functional concerns as well. Dr. Hassan Moeti can recontour the gums using a dental laser and minimally invasive techniques. He uses the BIOLASE laser to perform soft tissue recontouring in Stone Mountain, GA, and can even do it without the need for sedation.

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Laser Soft Tissue Procedures

If you have an excessive amount of gum tissue covering the top and bottom of your teeth, Dr. Moeti can gently remove excess tissue using the BIOLASE laser. After numbing the area where needed, Dr. Moeti simply passes the laser over the tissue that needs to be removed. The BIOLASE laser allows Dr. Moeti to work with a high degree of precision and accuracy so the gum line looks very smooth and even. The gums heal relatively quickly so there is minimal discomfort or downtime involved.

  • Reduce risk of tooth decay
  • Create a more symmetrical smile
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Allow for a crown to be placed

Crown Lengthening

Soft tissue recontouring, or gummy smile treatment, can be performed purely for aesthetic purposes or for functional reasons that produce highly aesthetic results. Aesthetic crown lengthening removes excess gum tissue to expose more of the natural tooth, creating symmetry and balance. Functional crown lengthening, adjusts the gum line to expose an area of the tooth that needs to be cleaned, repaired or restored.

Restoring Symmetry and Facial Harmony

Dr. Moeti works hard to ensure each of his patient’s smiles not only function correctly, but are also symmetrical, balanced, and in harmony with the face. Whether you need soft tissue recontouring in Stone Mountain, GA, to restore your oral health or to improve aesthetics, our treatment is convenient and safe, with little-to-no discomfort and nearly no post-treatment down time.

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Balance the health and beauty of your smile with soft tissue recontouring.