Is Invisalign Better than Braces

March 9, 2023
According to the experts, almost everyone has some level of malocclusion, also known as tooth misalignment. While many people are able to live with theirs, it’s important to have an evaluation because this dental

8 Things You Need to Know about Invisalign Aligners

January 30, 2023
Research shows that nearly everyone suffers from some level of malocclusion or teeth misalignment. While many people can live with their malocclusion, many others require treatment.

10 Most Common Questions About Dental Implants

March 8, 2022
Are dental implants removable like dentures, or do they stay in your mouth? Dental implants stay in your mouth indefinitely, because they have actually grown to become part of your jawbone, and as such cannot be removed other than by surgical means.

Dentures: Everything you need to know

February 16, 2022
If you happen to be missing most of the teeth or all of them on an upper or lower arch, you may want to consider replacing those missing teeth with dentures. There are of course, other more expensive options, but if those are out...

What to Ask During Consultation for Your Snap-on-Veneers Smile

January 27, 2022
At Smoke Rise Dental in Stone Mountain, GA, we're ready for any questions you might have for us. We understand that you need to be comfortable with any dental procedure before undergoing it. That's why anytime we have a patient...
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