The Big Question - Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

October 27, 2023

Dental implants are a popular option for patients who are interested in replacing their missing teeth to restore their smile and improve their oral health. However, due to the complexity of the procedure, it is one of the most expensive. On average, dental implants cost $5,000 per tooth.

The good news is, in some cases, dental insurance covers a portion of the procedure, which makes it a bit more manageable. The dentists at Smoke Rise Dental will work with your insurance provider to determine your coverage and provide you with a quote before beginning treatment.

Best Dental Insurance for Implants in 2023

While dental implants are a popular option for tooth replacement, one of the biggest disadvantages is the cost. The average cost is around $5,000 per tooth. This can get really expensive if you need several teeth replaced. However, your dental insurance may help you manage these costs.

Smoke Rise Dental works with a variety of insurance providers to help patients manage their treatment costs. Below are some of the best insurance options that offer dental implant coverage:

Delta Dental Insurance

Delta Dental is a well-established provider with an extensive network of dentists. They offer comprehensive coverage for dental implants, making them our top choice for those seeking the best overall dental insurance for implant procedures.

Denali Dental

Denali Dental also offers robust coverage for dental implants. With competitive rates and a focus on customer satisfaction, they are a close second to Delta Dental in our rankings.

Spirit Dental & Vision

If you can't afford to wait for dental implant coverage, Spirit Dental & Vision is an excellent option. They provide immediate coverage for implants, making them the best choice for those who need quick access to benefits.


Ameritas offers a balance of affordability and coverage. They have a reputation for providing good value and comprehensive implant coverage, making them a solid choice for cost-conscious individuals.

Cigna Dental

For those who have the opportunity to access dental insurance through their employer, Cigna Dental is an excellent choice. They offer strong group benefits that can help cover dental implant costs for employees and their families.

When choosing a dental plan that covers dental implants, make sure that you take the time to review the specific terms, coverage limits, and waiting period of the plan before signing up. You must make sure that the plan meets your needs and expectations. Also, while dental insurance can help with the cost, it will often not cover the entire procedure which means you may need to explore other options.

Are There Any Alternatives to Dental Insurance?

There are several alternatives/financial options that can help you manage the cost of dental implants, including:

Dental Savings Plan

A dental savings plan is different than dental insurance. These plans provide discounts on dental services in exchange for an annual or monthly fee. These plans can offer a significant reduction in out-of-pocket costs for a variety of dental procedures, including dental implants.

Health Savings/Flexible Spending Accounts (HSA/FSA)

HSA and FSA funds can be used to cover the expenses related to dental implant procedures. Both HSA and FSA allow you to set aside pre-tax money for qualified medical/dental expenses, offering a tax-advantaged way to cover the cost of your dental implants.

Personal Savings

If you have a personal savings account, you can use those funds to pay for dental implants. While it may deplete your savings, it can help you get the treatment you need.

Payment Plans

Smoke Rise Dental offers in-house financing. Ask our office staff for more information and qualification requirements.


Smoke Rise Dental also works with CareCredit and LendingClub. Both offer no interest, low monthly payments for patients who qualify. Payments can be spread out from 3 to 60 months. This allows patients to create a plan that fits within their budget- and there are no pre-payment penalties, so you can pay off your account at any time.

When you are weighing your alternatives to dental insurance, it's critical to take the time to do your own research and comparisons to determine what meets your needs. You may also want to discuss your options with the office staff to help you decide which method makes dental implants financially feasible for you.

Schedule Your Dental Visit with Smoke Rise Dental Today!

Dental implants are a popular choice for tooth replacement because they look, feel, and function more like natural teeth. However, they can be expensive. The good news is that dental insurance often covers a portion of treatment. Schedule your consultation with the team at Smoke Rise Dental to learn more about your options to pay for your dental implant procedure.

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